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The Rooted Transition Challenge

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Don’t quite know where to start on your vegan journey? Not sure how to go about transitioning? Confused on the best way to incorporate vegan food into your diet? Well have no fear, because the Rooted Transition Challenge is HERE!

Start Your Year Off Right!

The Rooted Transition Challenge demonstrates the specific way I encourage clients to transition. Each week we will add a vegan day to our normal routine. On the first week we will start with one day, the second week two days, the third week three days and so on and so forth until we have reached a full work week of vegan eats. For those looking to follow along more closely a shopping list and detailed recipes of all fourteen meals will be available to purchase for $5.

The Rooted Transition Challenge starts on February 1, 2020. To join the challenge please contact us at

Make sure you share pictures and videos of your meals @rootedintheloop on all social media platforms.

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